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Low Code Development

Low code development (LCD) is an exciting new evolution in computer programming. LCD is a software development strategy that uses platform-based environments to create web applications using GUIs rather than traditional hand-coding. LCD has many advantages, such as rapid speed to market, higher cost effectiveness, and easier maintenance. With LCD, we are able democratize the software experience, giving our customers unprecedented access to upkeep and customization of their applications without knowing how to code.

Data Visibility

At Gnosis, we understand that the biggest step in taking control of your business data is formatting it in a way that’s easy for YOU to understand. Using industry-leading analytics software, we free your data from antiquated spreadsheets and transform the data into cutting-edge dashboards. These fully-customizable dashboards bring your data to life like never before, allowing you to view your data YOUR way with no limitations.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning, a sub-field of artificial intelligence, has been studied for many years. However, the application of this technology has been held back due to high costs of computing and memory storage — until now. In 1967, 2 MB of storage on a hard drive would cost about $1 million. Today, that same amount of storage would only cost $0.02. This advancement is paving the way for complex machine learning algorithms and the ability to find patterns in large amounts of data. Gnosis focuses on operational data; something that your company is likely in possession of vast amounts of. Your data tells a story. We take that story and transform it into predictive models and automation solutions that help take your business to the next level.