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Gnosis Companies was founded for three primary reasons:

1. To prove that there is a better way to do business

We have adopted a radically different management philosophy that produces more engaged employees – on and off the field. We are recreating management from the ground up, utilizing many elements presented in Frederick Laloux’s book ‘Reinventing Organizations’ (Don’t have time to read the book? Check out this video summary here). We are passionate about this ideology and are excited to demonstrate the unprecedented progress that it results in.

2. To revolutionize industries that have been left behind by technology

Some refer to these industries as ‘boring’, but we know they are far from that. Technology resistance is not a sign of weakness, but rather proof of strength in the traditional way of doing business. We focus on maintaining the elements that have kept these industries great, while offering solutions to the problems that have become unavoidable.

3. To demonstrate that AI, machine learning and data science are more than just buzz words

While we do not yet know the full impact of these technologies, we are confident in one thing that many people are disregarding: they offer extreme benefits TODAY. We focus on taking these technologies out of the ‘experimental stage’ and package them into solutions that provide immediate and tangible results.